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Pavones is located on the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica, near the border of Panama. It's considered the 2nd longest left hand break in the world. And take my word for it, when there is a south swell, Pavones is the place to surf.

Here are a few of the pictures I have taken in Pavones about 150 yards from my surf house.

House Description: It's the blue and white, two story house just off the corner of the soccer field, just behind Dona Dora's restaurant, and next to the police outpost.
  • Pavones Point Surf House. Recently totally remodeled.
  • Awesome location in the center of town - 150 yards from the legendary surf break!
  • Basic and charming house
  • Air conditioning upstairs and downstairs
  • Huge screened patio to relax on and check the surf from your porch!
  • Fully furnished
  • Full kitchen (fridge, stove, oven, pots, pans, potable spring water from tap)
  • 2 Bedrooms Upstairs - First bedroom with king bed and second bedroom off main bedroom with a queen bed (sleeps one person or a couple)
  • 2 Bathrooms (toilest, showers, huge bathtub upstairs)
  • Living/Chill Room
  • Optional bed can be setup in living room
  • Lots of glass windows, fully screened windows, and ceiling fans
  • Standard 110/120 Volt electricity throughout

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"i just want you to know how amazing my time was in pavones...when i arrived by bus, ... i saw the house i was like, no way, this is too good to be true.

thank you soooo so so so much for the opportunity to not only surf the most magical wave, but just experiencing pavones, meeting everyone who lives there, and being in the middle of nowhere for a month..."

- Monica, previous renter

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My Surf House in Pavones (for rent)

Pavones Point Surf House (For Rent)
Screened Patio
Dining Table
Master Bedroom Upstairs
Master King Size Bed
Master Bathroom with bathtub
Master Bathroom
Upstairs Second Bedroom
Upstairs Armoire
Downstairs Guest Bed
Guest Shower
Guest Toilet
Front Gate

Surfing Pictures at Pavones Break (150 yards from the cabin)

Ray Hayes in a killer barrel (Pavones)
Average day surfing
Getting ready for a long ride
Workin a small day
Is there a more perfect wave?
Breathe dude!
He didn't stop smiling for a week.
Why not?
Hey, that's me in that picture!
local Jaimie -doing it and doing it well (by Barry Donaldson)
low tide, nice swell at Rio Claro (by Barry Donaldson)
Janet -thrice the pleasure (by Barry Donaldson)
Phil knows where its at (by Barry Donaldson)

Animals - Surfers aren't the only thing in Pavones!

If I had $1 for every iguana in Pavones!
They say these Garrobo things can shoot their tails in defense!
Cute little guy
Sloth chillin' Cahuita
Hey toucan! Get away from my papayas!
Black Hawk flying (by Barry Donaldson)
Butterfly not flying (by Barry Donaldson)

Pavones Town and Landscapes

Pavones is surrounded by natural beauty, hills, animals, monkeys, rain forest, rivers, which you can enjoy hiking or on a local horseback ride!

This is where you end up after a really long Pavones wave!
Punta Banco's Point - a few miles down the road.
Gotta love them Pavones low-tide rocks!
Stuck in Punta Banco with no car, not so bad!
Leaping from the bridge can be dangerous!
Shot of the old Pavones Cantina.  The cabin is about 100 yards behind it.
the infamous Pavones bus  (by Barry Donaldson)
Wow! View from Malcolm's? (by Barry Donaldson)
If you have any other nice Pavones or Punta Banco surf pics, send them over and I'll try to put them up on this page!

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